Screenshots of the Year Project Cars

Project CARS has been a bit of an elusive mistress. We've had some videos, interviews, and gameplay footage, but compare the amount we know about Project CARS to the amount we know about Hyrule Warriors and it's not enough to get the large majority of the gaming community frothing at the mouth.

Well fret not, for a new video has been unearthed showing us what a transformation has happened in the development cycle for the racing game within two years of development. Set phasers to gorgeous.

It's true that many of the breathtaking screenshots of the game's graphical potential will not appear quite as lustrous in the Wii U version – the Wii U having its focus on areas other than graphical processing – but we've been promised by the developers that the game will be a feast for the eyes regardless of which machine you use.

Slightly Mad Studios – the developer – has an impressive pedigree of racing game history. You wouldn't be considered a fool to put faith into this upcoming title, it's just a shame it appears to have removed the funky arm-crossing animation on tight corners.

You can find the video below. Please be aware that it is not divulged as to which console is running — or PC setup being used — in the side-by-side comparison.