Earlier this week we brought you a slightly silly update on Yoshi's real name, in which 60 of you voted in our poll to suggest that the T in T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas stood for Tupac; over a hundred of you instead decided it was "the greatest mystery of our times". Not the most serious moment here on Nintendo Life, we'll admit, but it was fun.

That little fact was courtesy of Console Wars author Blake Harris, who was sharing some info from Nintendo's Character Guide of 1993. He's now shared some more with IGN related to the Legend of Zelda franchise. You can see these below.

Zelda Character Sizes

The Princess Zelda image is a fun example, due to its emphasis on her heroism and the fact that she was in the process of escaping herself when Link arrived and almost killed her by mistake. The series has often emphasized that, though Link is often saving the Princess and the world as a whole, she's a key figure that leads the fight against evil, with Wisdom if not brute force.

The Ganondorf illustration is also entertaining, with the text throwing around plenty of insults — "He has also been compared to sloths, slugs, toads, groupers and the business end of a skunk".

Harris will be sharing more of these illustrations soon, but in the meantime let us know what you think of these; do any of the descriptions shake up your perspectives of the characters?

Thanks to Benson for the tip.

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