It appears the developers have now officially applied for a Wii U developer kit. You can see the extent of their update here.

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The developers of Night Trap ReVamped appear to have had a bit of a re-think in regards to how their full-motion interactive horror experience will be distributed. Despite previous claims of this title never coming to any Nintendo console, the Kickstarter page has revealed an update that suggests a defeat of that stance.

We hope to announce tomorrow that wiiU[sic] owners may indeed be able to acquire copies of Night Trap ReVamped. Stay tuned, and thanks again for your support, comments and questions...

This statement is quite the U-turn from the studio's previous position wherein it made it as clear as possible that the console wars had burned them too badly:

Ever hear the term "never burn bridges?" Well, Howard Lincoln, the former president of Nintendo US, made our lives miserable during the 1994 Senate Hearings on Video Game Violence. Not only did he quietly suggest to congressman, though the use of Nintendo-supplied and heavily edited footage, that they should demonize Night Trap rather than Nintendo's Mortal Combat[sic], but he also declared publicly that Night Trap would never appear on a Nintendo system. And he was right: as much as Nintendo desperately needs publishers to support their third-place platform, we won't be one of them. There's just too much bad blood between us and them.

The quote is still in the Kickstarter page, should anyone wish to see it in its FAQ context.

A word about Nintendo. Twenty years ago Nintendo used Night Trap as a lightening rod to attract attention away from problems of its own regarding the game Mortal Combat[sic]. Their behavior was loutish and disingenuous, and hurt everyone in the gaming business. That was a long time ago, and many things have changed since then. We bear Nintendo no ill will, and certainly bear no ill will to anyone who owns a Nintendo system. But life is short and you have to pick your targets of opportunity. We simply have no interest in paying licensing fees to a company that once tried very hard to put us out of business.

It seems that all the harsh words against Nintendo don't equate to a great deal when faced with reaching a challenging $300,000 goal for this FMV title. This decision to reconsider its position appears to be an attempt to try and garner some more people into supporting the project.

Will you be supporting this obscure revamp now the developers have gone back on their word, or are you unmoved by this project? Let us know.