"I'm not a tank so much as a lyric soprano."

Square Enix is continuing to tease their port of Dragon Quest X to the 3DS with this five-minute epic trailer full of explosions, dramatic poses, interior decoration, boss battering, and other acts of derring-do. To help on-the-go adventurers accomplish these things the 3DS version of the game will have ZL and ZR buttons, a right analog stick, and a keyboard button virtualised on the 3DS's lower screen.

Dragon Quest X is also one of the games being offered as a free download with the purchase of any Japanese 3DS during the month of September. Playing Dragon Quest X on 3DS requires a paid subscription, the same as Wii/Wii U and PC versions, and is currently slated for release in Japan only.

Are you confident enough in Japanese to be tempted by the free download promotion or are you holding out for a western release? Wanting to carve your path in Astoltia as a weird rabbit cat-thing or looking to get your feet and the rest of you wet as a weddie? Let us know in the comments!

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