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Famitsu Magazine has detailed the move sets for Pac-Man and Meta Knight in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS as well as the variants that can be used for offline matches and matches with friends. So without further ado, here's what the Japanese publication has taught us.

Starting with Pac-Man, his neutral special will cause fruit to appear in his hand which can be thrown as a projectile. If you hold the button down you can cycle through different fruits which call have their own unique power, speed and trajectory.

Pac-Man's side special spawns a string of pellets to appear in front of him before he turns into his ball form and chops through them, following the line against gravity's will. You can hold the button down for longer a longer string and you can also influence the vertical direction using the control stick, meaning you can use this move for recovery.

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Pac-Man's up special causes Pac-Man to bounce upwards in his ball form, and each successive bounce performed will actually increase the height he travels.

Pac-Man's down special is customisable. The basic form causes a fire hydrant to appear below him which shoots water out horizontally, and whilst this pushes foes away it doesn't actually inflict any damage. One variation of this take the 'fire' part a little too literally, and instead of water, a stream of fire will flow from either side of the hydrant. The final version of this move causes the hydrant to explode on impact is used in the air, or explode after a short while if used on the ground.

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Pac-Man's Final Smash is what everyone expected it to be; he will become enormous in his original 2D form and anyone caught in his maw will be left as nothing but a pair of eyes before being tossed aside with great force.

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Moving on to Meta Knight, his moves remain largely the same, but his side special has been enhanced with custom variations.

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Meta Knight's side special has three different versions that you can choose from. The standard is the same as it was in his previous appearance. One version allows him to move much more quickly and over a greater distance, but he loses the ability to change direction whilst the move is in use. The other version is slower and slightly more powerful, but interestingly appears to be particularly effective against opponents who are shielding at the time of the attack.

Are you pleased with what the development team has done? Were you expecting something else? Let us know in the comments!

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