It's now been confirmed (thanks Tiny Cartridge) that this Mighty Gunvolt game will also be free for those that buy Azure Striker Gunvolt in North America.

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Fans of pixel-based 2D action games that happen to also be North American 3DS owners are surely on alert, as Azure Striker Gunvolt arrives in the region on 28th August. The latest project from Inti Creates, with consultancy from Keiji Inafune, it's certainly full of promise.

Japanese gamers have an extra and free treat to go with the title's release in the country (20th August), and that's Mighty Gunvolt. It's a rather neat cross-over — with awesome 8-bit styled visuals — with playable characters Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Beck from Mighty No. 9 and Ekoro from Galgun, and will also apparently have DLC of new bosses and stages in the future. It's a free download for Azure Striker Gunvolt owners in Japan until 19th November, which gives even more 2D action for 3DS gamers to enjoy.

Will this be included in the upcoming Western release? That's unknown right now, though we certainly hope that some details will emerge as we get closer to next week's North American arrival; Azure Striker Gunvolt is also planned for Europe, but there's no release window yet.

You can get a glance of Mighty Gunvolt at around the 4:30 minute mark in the video below, while a couple of screens are below that. So, just how much would you like this to accompany the North American release of Azure Striker Gunvolt?

Mightygunvolt 1

[source siliconera.com]