Nintendo's treasured characters are often translated into fan art, but rarely with such talent as demonstrated by UK-based Polaara; at only the tender age of 17 she has amassed quite the awesome portfolio. Dare we say her latest two drawings inspired by upcoming Wii U brawler Hyrule Warriors rank among her best to date — and that's really saying something.

First up we have the new look Hyrule Warriors Link. Polaara captures Link's revised character design perfectly with her watercolour pencil skills; his flowing blue scarf has never looked so vibrant.

Link From the Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors by Polaara D7 Tz7 P4

Here's a YouTube speed drawing so you can get a flavour for how she achieved this.

Next Polaara creates her rendition of Princess Zelda, sporting her new badass Hyrule Warriors armour. The Hylian princess never looked so good.

Princess Zelda Hyrule Warriors

The YouTube speed drawing for Princess Zelda is a treat to watch too.

It's worth checking our Polaara's gallery, linked below, for more Legend of Zelda franchise drawings and plenty of others inspired by other sources.

Are you impressed by Polaara's drawing skills? Which character from Hyrule Warriors would you like to see her tackle next?