Gaming Pigrrl Adabot

The credit-card sized educational computer Raspberry Pi encourages electronics hobbyists to find interesting and fun ways to extend the machine’s capabilities; to celebrate the Game Boy’s 25th anniversary Adafruit user Noe Ruiz has posted an extensive tutorial on how to build a 3D-printed Game Boy-themed case for the Raspberry Pi, dubbed the PiGRRL.

Although it won’t replicate the true Game Boy liquid crystal greenish-yellow Tetris experience, the Raspberry Pi is emulator-friendly and can run retro game ROMs easily, as shown in the video below — we're aware of the grey moral area (you should always own the originals and so on) but this is rather cool:

Remember: if you’re brave enough to try this, be sure to be or ask an adult before burning yourself on the soldering iron.

Wish you had a Game Boy / Girl like this? Think this is a good rainy day project? Have a sudden craving for pie? Let us know in the comments!