Console Wars

While Nintendo and Sega are now often partners, with exclusive Sonic games on big N systems, in particular, gamers of a certain age or with some awareness of gaming history will know very well that things used to be very different. During the late '80s and '90s the two companies were the core competitors in what became known as the console wars, in which you were either in the Nintendo or Sega camp and would defend your side vigorously.

It was a fascinating period, which is covered rather well in a book by Blake J. Harris, Console Wars - Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle That Defined a Generation. Though dramatised and with a focus on Sega, it provides an entertaining insight into the era and is being made into both a documentary and a feature film that has Seth Rogan and Scott Rudin on board; we'll be hearing a lot about this book in the coming year.

Harris was at San Diego Comic-Con, unsurprisingly, and participated in a panel about the book; it had some fascinating guests, namely Tom Kalinske (Sega of America), Al Nilsen (Sega of America), Bill White (Nintendo of America), and Perrin Kaplan (Nintendo of America). Hearing from those involved in the events of the book was no doubt a treat for all in attendance, and now Segabits has uploaded the full panel for everyone to see.

Check it out below, and you can also have a read of our interview with author Blake J. Harris and our review of the book if you want to learn a bit more.

With thanks to Barry for the heads up.