Retro City Rampage remains one of the most chaotic titles available on Nintendo systems, with the DX version performing well on the 3DS eShop and Vblank Studios' Brian Provinciano recently providing a sales update on the WiiWare version. It's still short of hitting the required sales threshold on the Wii that will see the developer receive revenue, though following that update there may have been a few additional copies picked up as some show their support — it was a Nintendo policy dropped for the 3DS and Wii U eShop stores.

For those still getting into the game, Provinciano has used his authorised Miiverse account to post a link to a rather handy world map, showing the size of the game world.

Retro City Map

Even if the map isn't hugely useful to everyone, it's attractive and gives a sense of scale. The related page on the official website also has individual images for 106 areas and interiors, which are a treat for the eyeballs.

Are you a fan of Retro City Rampage, or planning to pick it up in future?