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McDonald's has a long tradition of hawking lumps of Nintendo-themed plastic with its Happy Meal range — we still have fond memories of the Super Mario Bros. 3 toys which launched more than twenty years ago. Similar playthings were recently given away in the UK, and in South Korea, they're quite happy to queue around the block in order to get their hands on such trinkets.

North American burger lovers are the latest lucky recipients, with a series of Mario Kart 8 toys hitting stores right now. To celebrate this occasion, Nintendo of America has released a series of photos showing the first kids to receive their Happy Meal / toy combo, and to make us even more jealous, they got them from the Mario Brothers themselves whilst riding in some seriously cool karts. The toys made their début on July 4th and will be available — while supplies last, of course — until July 31st.

Feast your eyes over the official photos below and before you ask, no, we don't think it's possible that a grown adult could squeeze into one of those karts.

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