Comic Workshop Miiverse

Comic Workshop arrived on the 3DS eShop this week and, as the name suggests, provides the opportunity to create and share your own comic creations, making extensive use of the touch screen and 3DS setup. We're in the process of our review but, on the surface at least, it appears to offer a neat tool-set for artistic gamers.

There's a bit of controversy on Miiverse, however, as the option to add screenshots to posts has been removed, disabled the day after the app was released. It's not confirmed whether it was publisher Collavier or Nintendo that removed the functionality, but most money is on the latter — the issue may have been the sharing of inappropriate comics or users posting 'selfies' through the app, which is apparently possible. There are a number of frustrated users posting on the app's community stating that the inability to share easily has diminished their enjoyment.

We'll reach out to Nintendo and Collavier for clarification, though it seems this issue could have been resolved by simply never offering Miiverse screenshots. Take this warning on the title's website in the FAQ section, with regards to sharing between friends.

Given that Comic Workshop gives you the opportunity to make drawings without limit and to protect minors, we are sorry to say that is not possible to directly exchange pictures.

That same concern should have surely been flagged for Miiverse prior to launch. In any case, images from the app can still be saved to your SD card and transferred to PC, or shared through the Nintendo Image Share tool. There's also an official online Workshop Gallery; at present it's only available in Japanese, but a version in English will be "available soon".

Are you a Comic Workshop user affected by this, or is this an unsurprising move for screenshots to be removed from this app? Let us know what you think.

Image via Miiverse user OSENATOR.