We've all experienced the irksome problem of running out of storage space on our 3DS consoles, but it would appear that even the most spacious SD card in the world won't help overcome this issue totally — the hardware seems to have a maximum ceiling of 300 applications.

Reddit user Rayquaza3010 received the error message pictured below once he tried to download his 301st app to his Nintendo 3DS.

630 X

Although the error message apparently states that the SD card is full and makes no mention of the number of apps installed on the device, Rayquaza3010 said that even after freeing up more space on the SD card, the problem remained regardless when 300 apps are installed — suggesting that there does indeed appear to be a hard limit on the number of installable apps; if you want 301 games and apps installed at once, tough.

Have any Nintendo Life readers experienced the same problem? Are you close to 300 apps yourself and wondering what will happen? Please let us know in the comments.

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