MK8 DL Card

It's been said often enough that the eShop platforms will become even more important for Nintendo in the coming months and years, particularly as competition for shelf space and an increasingly download-happy public look for alternatives to physical media. Traditional retail still plays a vital role, however, so while Nintendo would no doubt prefer that everyone buy download games directly from the online stores, some will seek out cut-price options on the high street.

We've seen this happen with download games or download copies of retail titles in the UK and Europe, where major chain GAME has had an exclusivity deal on eShop download codes in Europe; it's sold cards — one pictured above — on the high street in addition to codes directly on its website.

That exclusivity doesn't extend to independent retailers, however, as smaller business in the UK will have a range of eShop code cards available to them from mid-July. This is via distributor DLCSoft, which is credited with providing invaluable stock and availability to indie shops with a range of Sony download products last November. MCV has seen a DLCSoft email that states the availability of Nintendo eShop products will help "to establish their stores as a true digital destination on the High Street".

Times are difficult on the High Street, though launches of new hardware late last year have given greater optimism to major brands such as GAME and independent retailers. It's pleasing to see that the latter category will soon be assisted with these eShop cards.

That's the UK, in any case, and we still hope to see Nintendo greatly expand and enhance its retail presence with eShop content around the world — it could be a vital area of business.

Thanks to all those that sent this tip.