Nintendo's lining up multiple blockbuster releases for the Holiday season, but the most important will likely be its range of NFC toys — amiibo. Marketing these figures, successfully implementing them in games and securing plenty of shelf space with the biggest retailers represent three major challenges for Nintendo, though with the range likely to be a pivotal part of the Wii U's appeal we'd expect the company to pull out all of the stops — they'll come to 3DS in 2015, too.

One aspect of the figures already seems to have been nailed down with success, and that's the visual appeal that they have. There are members of the Nintendo Life team that have never played Skylanders or Disney Infinity yet are keen to buy a variety of toys for little reason other than nostalgia, but also because they look cool. They'll be plastic and cost $10-$15, probably, but they certainly look like high quality molds; the demonstration figurines that have been doing the rounds are undoubtedly eye-catching.

Nintendo has an ambitious plan to release an amiibo toy for every member of the Super Smash Bros. cast, which means there'll be well over 30 available at launch. Branded with the Smash logo, their potential use in games such as Mario Kart 8 and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker should also be interesting to see. Overall, it's an intriguing prospect and a product that could be hugely important for Nintendo's business in this Holiday season and beyond.

The E3 range of toys was on display recently at HYPER JAPAN in London, and was one of the nicest setups we've seen yet. Though they've featured elsewhere — including a post-E3 press event at London — the well-lit and spacious display at Earls Court was perfect for showing them off. We took the opportunity to grab some close-up snaps of each figurine, and they're too good to not share.

Check them out below, and at the end is a neat video feature from E3 produced by our colleagues at FamilyGamer TV, which goes into some more detail.

So, which ones do you want the most?

Donkey Kong
Fox McCloud
The Villager
Wii Fit Trainer