Pokemon X vs Y

In early June we brought you the news that the Pokémon US National and World Championships were confirmed to be broadcast live on Twitch, giving fans a chance to see the events unfold even if they couldn't attend. The US National championships have now rolled around in Indianapolis, so if you want to watch the action unfold this is one place where you can do just that.

Today is the opening day of coverage, which will naturally involve competition in Pokémon X & Y on 3DS and in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Today brings us nine hours of competitive action, starting off with the 3DS title; the itinerary is below.

  • 9am (Pacific) / Noon (Eastern) / 5pm (UK) / 6pm (CET) to 2pm (Pacific) / 5pm (Eastern) / 10pm (UK) / 11pm (CET) — Pokémon Video Game
  • 2pm (Pacific) / 5pm (Eastern) / 10pm (UK) / 11pm (CET) to 6pm (Pacific) / 9pm (Eastern) / 2am (UK) / 3am (CET) — Pokémon Trading Card Game

You can watch it all unfold live below and share the experience in the comments. Here's hoping for a great first day in the competition, and we'll also be streaming the live Sunday broadcast here on Nintendo Life.