2014 Nationals 169

Earlier today we told you about the Australian National Pokémon Championship, and all major regions are gearing up for their final eliminators for the World Championships in August. In good news for fans that enjoy the events but won't be in attendance this year, The Pokémon Company International has also confirmed that both the US National Championships and the World Championships will be live-streamed online through Twitch.

First up will be the US National event, of course, which is in Indianapolis from 4th - 6th July. It'll be streamed on www.twitch.tv/Pokemon, with the following schedule that'll cover the Pokémon X & Y and Pokémon Trading Card Game events.

Saturday, July 5, noon–5 p.m. EDT: Pokémon Video Game Swiss Rounds
Saturday, July 5, 5–9 p.m. EDT: Pokémon TCG Swiss Rounds
Sunday, July 6, 9 a.m.–2 p.m. EDT: Pokémon TCG Top Cut and Finals
Sunday, July 6, 2–5 p.m. EDT: Pokémon Video Game Top Cut and Finals

Perhaps most pleasing is the news that there'll also be live streaming of the big one, the World Championships from Washington DC from 16th - 17th August.

Those that attend the US tournament, meanwhile, will receive a Level 50 Shiny Mamoswine; it has Adamant Nature, comes with the Thick Fat Ability, and holds a Choice Scarf item — its moves are Icicle Spear, Earthquake, Icicle Crash, and Rock Slide. The press release with these details also says the following about entry and some of the prizes dished out already.

The US National Championships is open to all Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video game players. Pokémon TCG players in the Junior and Senior Divisions must have earned 5 Play! Points during the current Pokémon Championship Series season in order to compete, and Masters Division players must have earned 10 Play! Points. Qualified players interested in preregistering to attend the 2014 Pokémon US National Championships can now conveniently and quickly do so at the following link: http://2014.registration.pokemon.com.

Nearly 500 Pokémon video game and TCG players have already received Travel Awards or Travel Stipends to the 2014 Pokémon US National Championships based on the Championship Points they earned throughout the year at city, state, and regional events. Altogether, more than $300,000 in Travel Awards and Travel Stipends have been awarded to competitors attending the US National Championships this year by The Pokémon Company International.

If you can't make it this year, or don't actually reside in North America, the live broadcast will give you a chance to enjoy the event. Will you be tuning in?