Bayo2 Online

While Bayonetta 2 — like its predecessor — looks to be another high-intensity single player action experience, the Wii U exclusive is also set to include some online play through its two-player co-op "Tag Climax" mode. While it may not be integrated a great deal with the single player adventure, it seems like a potential fun extra.

Details of how it'll work have been outlined by Siliconera, and it sounds like an interesting prospect. Risk and reward seems to be at the core of the offering, while progress in the main campaign will open up more options in the online mode.

In stages that incorporate a mix of boss fights and horde battles you can either play with someone on your friend list, a random online player or even a CPU companion. You can dictate the time spent in the stages, and in "quick matches" you can also bet in-game currency (Halos in this case) with the other player over who'll get the better score. Setting stage difficulty sounds like the hearts equivalent in Kid Icarus: Uprising, meanwhile, in which betting more Halos will up the difficulty and increase rewards; failure brings to risk of losing this precious currency, naturally.

As for what stages are available, these will depend on the "Verse cards" that you've collected. It'll also likely be worthwhile to prioritise the single player campaign, too, as abilities and characters unlocked through the story are carried across into Tag Climax.

This seems, ultimately, like a fun arcade-like add-on, with the added benefit that success will be a way to boost your levels of in-game currency, allowing you to upgrade your abilities.

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