Totally the same thing, right?

UK mainstream newspaper The Sun has launched an investigation which claims that video games are as addictive as the drug heroin.

The report has been published in today's edition of the tabloid, and can be read online here behind a pay wall. The feature puts forward brain scans as evidence that violent titles are addictive, and claims that video games represent "the next level of mental health risk."

The paper lists the following facts relating to the investigation:

  • ‘5,000 calls to one clinic for help’
  • ‘Call of Duty link to three suicides’
  • ‘Dopamine levels increase in the brain’
  • ‘It gives you a kick and a chemical buzz’

The Sun is no stranger to controversy when it comes to video games. Back in 2012, it laid the blame for the tragic Sandy Hook shooting squarely at the door of interactive entertainment.

Image credit: Victoria Carr Futureworks