Aeterno Blade Banner

Arternoblade is exciting in principle — an action platformer with Metroidvania elements — but is arguably a fairly mediocre experience. In some respects we're fortunate it made it out of Japan at all, nevertheless, as it required crowdfunding to make localisation happen.

In any case, developer Corecell Technology hasn't given up on earning a return on its investment, and an update to the game has added two DLC options to the Add-On Content menu. The details from a US copy are below, word for word, with the grammatical issues from the game itself.

Swimsuit - Super sexy bikini for Freyja! ($0.99)

"Freyja, aren't you bored with that stuffy armor of yours? Why don't you try this relaxing bikini?"

Arena Mode - The grand arena for gods. ($1.99)

"If you though the story mode is too easy, why don't challenge the Arena Mode! You shall face 20 waves of undeniable fearsome monsters. Defeat them and time your best performance."

Considering the current debates around sexism that are swirling around, it seems silly to take a heroine clad in modest, practical armour for fighting evil and offer a bikini alternative for less than a dollar. That said, this isn't an exception, and let's not forget that Nintendo got in on the act with its Summer Scramble DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening, which was partially censored in North America but still had scantily clad female and male characters.

Do you find this sort of content cringeworthy or a bit of fun? Maybe both? Share your thoughts in the comments below.