Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have been busy in recent days and weeks to make sure that gamers know all about Hyrule Warriors, both also doing their utmost to convince us that this is a title we simply must have on Wii U. This Dynasty Warriors mash-up will certainly be a diversion for the much-loved franchise, at least.

Recent efforts to grab our attention have come in the form of quirky playable character reveals — early Famitsu leaks, admittedly — and hype-tastic trailers; today's dose of the title is the latter.

Impa, who has been confirmed and shown as a character a good amount before now, has her own trailer demonstrating her various moves; what's immediately striking is the sheer size of her sword, making her attacks slower than Link's — for example — but with a greater area of impact. Based on recent efforts from Tecmo Koei it's likely that a Midna-specific video is on the way, too.

Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Thanks to Rei7 for the tip.