Splatoon arrived at E3 with the challenge of being a new IP that needed to grab some attention, but it seems that Nintendo's colourful online shooter has done just that. It's a title that seems to be typical Nintendo — take some established ideas, play around with concepts and add a dash of chaos and creativity to the final results.

Despite the fact that all we've seen of the game is footage and the demo from the LA show, fans with some artistic skill are already using their illustrative skills to show their support for the title. Nintendo requested some illustrations from gamers on Miiverse, and has now constructed an utterly charming collage of its favourite submissions. Check it out below (click to enlarge).

Splatoon Miivers

It seems that this is certainly one to watch. Let us know if you like the compilation of drawings above, while you can also check out our hands on impressions of Splatoon to learn a little more about how the title works.

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