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Back in late March we reported on a rumored "dark and edgy" Sonic the Hedgehog film and outlined some of the preliminary details. Today, Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the production of the film, albeit with little to no information about the actual content involved.

As it turns out, Sony Pictures-based producer Neal Moritz will be producing the film; Moritz is known for his work on the Fast & Furious franchise, but has also been producer of 22 Jump Street (currently in theatres) and an upcoming flick based on R.L. Stine's Goosebumps. Also on board are Marza Animation Planet — a division of the Sega Sammy Group responsible for the CG cutscenes in many of the console Sonic titles — as well as writers Evan Susser and Van Robichaux, two alums of the Chicago-based sketch comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade.

Marza CEO Masanao Maeda had this to say about the upcoming project:

"Sonic has had dozens of adventures on the console and the small screen, and we're thrilled that he's now coming to the big screen. Sony Pictures has had great success with hybrid animated and live-action features, and we're confident that this collaboration will bring a fresh take to Sonic, while still capturing everything that the fans love about him."

Of course, only time will tell how Sonic fares after his Hollywood makeover, but it's heartening to know that a company already familiar with Sonic's video game outings will be assisting with the animation. Are you excited for this new chapter in the Blue Blur's history? Will you be buying a ticket to see Sonic on the silver screen? Let us know in the comments!