Flaming whopper

Every new Mario Kart release comes with its own little tricks, but sometimes these speed-boosting techniques are seen as largely unintentional on Nintendo's part, leading fans to decry them as "exploits" rather than recognizing them as legitimate strategies.

In Mario Kart 8's case, the "Fire Hop" is dividing fans all over the world. After securing a successful drift boost, stabbing the drift button causes your character to hop repeatedly, and this apparently delivers additional speed as your kart slows down faster when its in direct contact with the track.

Our friends at Eurogamer have put together this excellent video which shows the technique in action, and supports the theory that it does indeed result in quicker lap times:

Do you think Nintendo should patch the Fire Hopping Technique out of the game, or is it a fair strategy that skilled players can make use of? Let us know by placing your vote below.

Should Nintendo patch the Fire Hopping Technique out of Mario Kart 8? (741 votes)

  1. Yes, it's clearly an exploit and should be removed to make things fairer32%
  2. No, it's a new technique which should be mastered by all serious players30%
  3. I'm not entirely sure either way, let's wait and see how it impacts online play first28%
  4. I don't care9%

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