Nintendo E3 Lineup

Nintendo's E3 plans are fairly well-known now, with the mystery now revolving around what will be shown in its Digital Event and accompanying demonstrations; fans of Super Smash Bros. can also look forward to the Invitational event or finding a demo station at a local Best Buy store. A press release issued today reiterated much of the previously revealed details, but does throw in a little extra detail.

For starters, the rather charming Nintendo Minute team will be hosting a "post-show recap packed with even more game information" once the Nintendo Digital Event is done and dusted. What continues to interest us though is the promise of substantial live streaming of the Treehouse team, in what will be an ongoing 'event' over the course of E3.

During all hours of E3 on Nintendo’s Twitch channel (excluding the Super Smash Bros. Invitational event), members of Nintendo’s Treehouse will be live-streaming exclusive game demos from the Nintendo booth on the show floor. In addition to demos, Nintendo will deliver the latest game reveals, plus visits from developers like Shigeru Miyamoto. The unscripted three-day event will air June 10-12, providing an insider’s look at the Nintendo experience at E3, filled with surprises and unexpected moments.

Whether much of the Treehouse segment will be new and live all the time, or looping the same demonstrations throughout the day, will certainly be interesting.

We're certainly looking forward to going coverage crazy, but are you planning to settle in for the long haul with the Treehouse stream, are you most excited about the main Digital Event or the Smash Invitational? Let us know.