Nintendo TVii

Recent conversation around the Wii U interface has centered on the awesome 5.0.0 system update that launched earlier in June; for many, the update provides aesthetic and functional improvements that help the system's interface better stand alongside its next-gen counterparts. For users in the United States and Canada, those improvements now extend to Nintendo TVii thanks to a handy update the application received today.

The most immediately noticeable change upon loading Nintendo TVii is the new home screen — a clean, minimalist interface with colorful tiles representing users, recommendations, and favorites. This will make it a lot easier to jump right from the home screen to the content you want to watch, likely a nod to the convenient and intuitive Quick Start menu brought on board with the latest system update. In addition, the service loads much faster across the board, the search functionality has been vastly improved, and TV Tag coverage has been extended to each and every show on the top 70 most popular channels.

How frequently do you use the Nintendo TVii app? Have you tried out the update and played around with the new interface? Let us know what you think in the comments!