Devil's Third was perhaps one of the biggest surprises of Nintendo's E3. Previously announced by THQ as a PS3 and 360 title, its future was thrown into doubt when the publisher went under. Nintendo was the company which picked it up, and now the game will be hitting the Wii U as an exclusive release.

Speaking to Game Informer, Valhalla Game Studio's Yoshifuru Okamoto has been talking about how the two firms became involved with one another:

When we became independent as Valhalla Game Studio, I feel like we were able to pull together a lot of people who really loved games. We were very fortunate in that regard. But after THQ collapsed, we found ourselves needing a partner. We talked to lots of different people, but the ones who understood what we were challenging ourselves to do, who most supported our vision was Nintendo. Really it was about the people involved working together well.

Thankfully, we’ve been able keep a lot of people who were instrumental in building the game from the beginning together, including former members of THQ, like Mr. Danny Bilson. I think what was most important in putting that team together, was that everyone had the same passion and love for the project.

Okamoto also revealed that Nintendo hasn't placed any restrictions on the title when it comes to violent content:

As far as boundaries go, there was nothing they told us we couldn’t do. I think that we had some interesting differences of opinion, but they were all very much grounded in a mutual respect.

The Wii U GamePad was also up for discussion. It would seem that the second screen function will be utilised in a similar way to how DICE used tablet devices in Battlefield 4:

Actually we do have some GamePad usage in multiplayer. As you know, the setting of this game is this fallen state – a chaotic war that has broken out between different factions across North America. Among those different factions, one of the things that is going to lead to victory is the ability to share information, so we use the GamePad as a communication tool. So you will be doing, among other things, calling in air-strikes and sharing information with squad members. It’s something you can imaging the commander on the battlefield holding to give orders.

Finally, Okamoto was quizzed about the possibility of Nintendo costumes in the game, something we've seen in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Bayonetta:

I’d love to use something like that, but the game is so violent I’m not sure they’d let us.

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