As pointed out and checked on our system, Nintendo 64 games were mentioned way back when the Virtual Console launched on Wii U, in a system notification. To break into first person, this was a result of a short memory on my part (I thought this was new text), so my apologies.

Original article:

The Wii U Virtual Console has had its critics, justifiably, though since April has at least served up some fresh content in the form of Game Boy Advance titles; when you throw in the attractive scanned manuals and features to adjust the visuals, they've been a welcome addition. The platform is still lagging behind its Wii contemporary, however, and is taking a good while to catch up.

One missing system is the Nintendo 64, home to some all-time classics and a favourite of retro gamers, in particular. Its arrival has had an air of inevitability, and it seems that the official Nintendo of America website, namely on the Wii U Virtual Console page, has let slip that the system will be added; we're not even sure whether this text is new — especially due to the GBA reference — yet it seems like the most solid confirmation we've seen that this platform is coming in the reasonable future. You can see the paragraph in question below.

N64 Wii U

It may not be the GameCube line-up that some of us are dreaming of — we still hope the upcoming Wii U controller adapter will pave the way for that — but we suspect this would be a well-received update to the roster of systems on the Wii U's VC. The system's games can already be accessed via the Wii Mode, of course, though there'd be greater convenience to have these titles available on the newer store, along with GamePad functionality.

Would you be pleased to see Nintendo 64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console?

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