Just because it's a digital album doesn't mean it doesn't have a cover

It’s been argued about and discussed for years that some of the best music of the modern era has come from video games. Whether it be a quirky little chip-tune jingle or a full blown symphony, video game music has delivered some of the best pieces to gamers everywhere. But despite its varied range and outstanding level of talent there are some who still treat video game music as some childish entity that shouldn't be considered art – much like video games in general, really. Thankfully however, there are people all over the internet who help keep the passion for video game music alive with their own renditions, covers and arrangements of classic soundtracks. One of the latest additions to this grand collection of tributes is Portrait of a Plumber, a Super Mario 64 Remix album by OCremix.

For those who don’t know, OCremix – or Overclocked Remix – is a website that specialises in re-imagining classic video game scores, both old and new, and presenting them in brand new or unexpected ways. With its huge collection of talented musicians, remixers and composers, the website has created over two thousand different mixes based on over eight hundred games, as well as publishing several digital albums, the forty-eighth of which is their tribute to Super Mario 64.

Like with OCremix’s other albums, Portrait of a Plumber is the work of many different artists, each with a specialised genre and track to re-imagine. This is not the work of one person, but rather the work of a community of fans, each doing their best to honour the games they love, and Portrait of a Plumber is no different with its wide range of styles and instruments. Whether it's synth or full orchestra, dance or rock, the latest album seems to be just as diverse as its predecessors; the best thing is that it's completely free.

It’s been made by the fans, for the fans, and you can download it from OCremix’s official site or the Portrait of a Plumber’s project website. Head on over there and check out the songs for yourself, there’s a full gallery on view.

[source plumber.ocremix.org]