Aiming for success

Former Team Ninja boss and Ninja Gaiden chief Tomonobu Itagaki has revealed to IGN that his next game is coming to the Wii U as an exclusive release.

Being developed by Valhalla Game Studios and running on the same game engine as Darksiders II, Devil's Third is an action title which mixes ranged and close combat. It will also boast online modes, a level editor and customization options.

It was previously announced by THQ, but its status was uncertain when the publisher folded last year. Nintendo has stepped in to handle those duties now.

Speaking to IGN, Itagaki said that Nintendo "really understood my vision, so I felt I really had to work with them."

This is quite a surprising move for Nintendo, as Devil's Third isn't what you'd call a traditional Wii U title. Are you excited about the news? Let us know with a comment. But before you do that, be sure to watch the trailer below, which dates from the game's original announcement (hence the inclusion of the PS3 and Xbox 360 logos at the end, and the THQ logo at the beginning).

Update: here's a brand new trailer for you!