Look familiar?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so Nintendo must be feeling pretty flattered right now because we've just spotted an iPad game which looks an awful lot like Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Castaway Paradise is currently available on the Canadian, New Zealand and Vietnamese iPad App Stores, and it's fairly obvious where developer Stolen Couch Games got its inspiration from.

In fact, this is as close to a carbon copy of Animal Crossing you could possibly get. From the art-style to the jobs you do, to the manner of speech the islanders have and even the way your character moves, this is essentially 'Animal Crossing for the iPad'.

If you don't have an iTunes account in the territories above, here’s a short look at how the game plays from Family Gamer TV:

Castaway Paradise also offers in-app-purchases and a VIP programme — a monthly fee to unlock special items and rewards. The in-app-purchases were kept a pleasant distance away from the main game experience, allowing you to ignore them and play for a decent amount each day before you run up against the pay-wall. Facebook integration is more pushy, but the leaderboard aspect of bug-collecting and fishing actually makes this more enticing than other free-to-play games.

There's no news on a UK release date as yet.