Street Fighter Web Series

Live action shows based on games aren't exactly rare, but those with respectable production values and official licensing are. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist falls into the latter category, beginning life as a proof of concept video on YouTube before gaining official rights from Capcom and private investment. At one point it was destined for crowdfunding, but the calibre of those involved in the project evidently encouraged private sponsors and backers to step forward.

It's now available to view, too, sporting a Machinima partnership and sponsorship from — somewhat humorously — Honda. It tells an origins story of Ryu and Ken in training together and is split into twelve 12-minute episodes — plus a mini 'Alpha' show — that'll apparently be edited into six parts for a TV series in the future, before a full uncut two hour movie eventually arrives on DVD. It's the real deal, in other words.

You can check it out with the short teaser video below, with each episode following in order; you can hit up the YouTube source link to see the playlist, too. The first episode is family friendly, but we should warn there is occasional swearing throughout the series, so watch at your own discretion.

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