HNI 0034

Last week, we told you about an amazing new event in web-based televisual programming: Days of Our Tomodachi Lives. A soap opera created entirely with Tomodachi Life, it is surely set to become one of the most significant contributions to popular culture yet seen, and the most amazing thing is that we offered a starring role to one of our lucky readers.

Marco "Dragonxflame323" Huezo was the one who made us laugh the most with his caption competition entry, and as a result he was transported digitally to Nlife Island, the exotic location where Days of Our Tomodachi Lives is filmed. You can watch his exploits — and those of the Nintendo Life crew — below.

Want to be in next week's episode? Then give us your best caption for the following image, which seems to show Martin Watts (again) locked in mortal combat with the man currently responsible for the wellbeing of the Zelda franchise, Eiji Aonuma.

Caption Competition: Submit your caption in the comments below!

What did you think of the first episode? What would you like to see in future instalments? Let us know by posting your feedback below, as well as posting your entry for the competition. Good Luck!