Game Stop Promo

It's pretty clear that plenty of Wii U owners are now impatiently awaiting Mario Kart 8, while others may be tempted to dive in and buy a system for the latest entry in the iconic series. Nintendo's cranking up the hype, meanwhile, with public-access demos now confirmed to be on the way to more than 2,700 GameStop stores across the US.

Nintendo of America has released a statement confirming these "Mario Kart 8 Test Drive Days" for 17th-18th May, playable from 12 to 4pm local time. Those that have pre-orders at GameStop or place them before 30th May will also receive an "exclusive double-sided poster". You can check your local store availability for these demo days at the official website, while there are also prizes and a #MarioKartMemories social media campaign to consider at

Are you planning to hit up your local GameStop store on 17th or 18th May? Let us know.

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