Hyrule Warriors NEW

With Hyrule Warriors recently given a release window of Summer for Japan, details of the action mash-up are starting to emerge. It's been announced in Famitsu magazine that the Tecmo Koei Wii U title will hit Japan on 14th August, with some other snippets of information also emerging.

In terms of the teams working on the project, Warriors franchise veterans Omega Force are primary developers, though Hisashi Koinuma and Yosuke Hayasahi of Team Ninja are named as producers on the project, with Nintendo's Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma in a supervisory role. The storyline reportedly involves Zelda being kidnapped by a witch named Shea, and as would be expected of a spin-off for The Legend of Zelda and that working title, various landmarks of Hyrule will feature. It'll be interesting to see whether Link serves as a 'General' of sorts for soldiers from Hyrule, as they're pictured battling it out with familiar enemies from the franchise in the most recent screens.

Team Ninja's role may not go beyond those two producing credits, but we'll see in time. It'll also be of interest for gamers in the West to know whether the release outside of Japan will be relatively close to 14th August, or whether we have a lengthy localisation process on our hands. Nintendo has been effective at co-ordinating worldwide releases in recent times — in this case it would have to work with its third-party partner — while the Wii U needs as many games in 2014 as possible.

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