Not all wheels need to be round

When Mario Kart Wii introduced motion-controlled steering, an accessory in which to slap one's Wii Remote was a natural addition. Now that Mario Kart 8 allows the same type of control with the much bulkier, rectangular GamePad, at least one company has taken it upon themselves to reinvent the wheel.

The Handle Stand for Wii U, available for order on Play-Asia and spotted by the good folks at Tiny Cartridge, attaches the entire GamePad onto a pivoting base. The setup looks like it would provide some greater stability than just holding the GamePad on its own, and it even comes with a detachable Wii Remote steering wheel option for those who prefer a more classic grip.

The Handle Stand is priced around $50 and set to become available 28th May, just in time for the kart frenzy. Is this a piece of equipment you'd like to see in your garage?

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