Freeman Smash Bros

Although Nintendo and Valve have never worked together, the two companies actually share quite a lot in common. For starters, they've both produced some of the most critically acclaimed and best loved video game franchises in history. While a joint collaboration between the two is unlikely to happen any time soon, it is nevertheless fun to sometimes imagine the potential crossovers and gameplay ideas that could occur as a result.

One idea, as portrayed in a recent fan-made video, shows not only that Valve already has a surprisingly wide cast of characters to call its own, but that this ensemble cast would also be well-suited to its own Super Smash Bros. style game.

Called Super Smash Bros. Source, this is a glorious recreation of the Super Smash Bros. Melee CGI game intro, albeit with Valve characters and settings in place of Nintendo's classic line-up. You can check it out below:

Would you like to see a Nintendo-Valve team-up at some point in the near future?