Sounds like a fantastical shooter to us

Trademark filings can mean a great deal or nothing at all, but at the very least indicate ideas that are rattling around or projects that could come to pass. That's why it's intriguing when Nintendo files records for new games, especially with names as interesting as this one.

Filed on 2nd April by Nintendo of America with the U.S. patent office, we have Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Strike Team Eliminating the Alien Menace. That suggests a new IP, of course, something very much in demand from Nintendo as a significant number of its upcoming releases — unsurprisingly — utilise popular franchises.

What could it be? If we may be so bold we hope it's a fantastical, cartoony FPS (first-person shooter), simply to shake things up. If it was on Wii U it could combine first person action with strategic, tactical controls on the GamePad screen, utilising techniques seen in titles such as ZombiU's multiplayer and in Pikmin 3. That's one thought, but on the flipside this could be a download-only release for either platform — Nintendo has come up with new IPs in multiple download-only releases in recent years.

We shall find out in good time. What would you like this mystery game to be?

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