New York Lego builder Baron von Brunk has already built a giant, working NES controller and a series of Nintendo console transformers like the N64 and the original Game Boy, which is currently a Lego CUUSOO submission. Now von Brunk assaults us with VANTAGE, a transforming Game Boy Advance complete with AA batteries and a Game Pak that transforms into a gun.


The best part of von Brunk's transforming creations is they actually transform without requiring you to take anything apart; if you're feeling constructive enough, he's made a 3D build guide and parts list for Vantage available for free here. The creation uses 100 percent standard Lego pieces, with no third-party elements aside from the sticker on the Game Pak.

What Nintendo-based Transformer would you like to see Baron von Brunk tackle next? You can check out all his other creations on his Tumblr page.

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