Eartlock Image

After close to one year, crowdfunded RPG Earthlock: Festival of Magic is now officially headed to multiple platforms – including the Wii U eShop. With less than two days remaining, developer Snowcastle Games managed to meet and surpass its goal of $150,000.

It has taken longer than expected, with a few setbacks and delays – including a name change — but Earthlock promises to deliver a colourful, non-linear "no-nonsense" turn-based RPG experience incorprating elements of harvesting and more, such as growing vital resources which act as ammunition during battle.

With quality team-based battle mechanics, thoughtful environment puzzles, and a lot of stunning artwork, this title has been on the radar of the RPG community for quite some time now.

If you’re keen on Earthlock: Festival of Magic, the only bad news is it'll be a while before it graces the Wii U eShop. Currently, it's slated for a Q2 2015 release. Ouch! Here's a video to make that wait even more unbearable.

Thanks to Jaxon for the tip.

[source nintendoeverything.com, via kickstarter.com]