Wii Karaoke Screen NL

Just recently we pointed you to a tease from Nintendo of Europe about an upcoming Wii Karaoke U contest, and details have now been revealed. It's the real deal, in the sense that eShop cash prizes are up for grabs.

Called Voice to Victory, it now has a special Miiverse community, and tasks you with singing your heart out and posting your In-Depth Rating Overall Score screenshot to that community up until 5th May. You can enter as many times as you like to go for a top score, with the following prizes on offer.

1st Prize: €100 / £80 in Nintendo eShop funds
2nd Prize: €50 / £40 in Nintendo eShop funds
3rd Prize: €20 / £20 in Nintendo eShop funds

There's also an extra part of the competition, in which you can post your score and an answer to the following question — "What does karaoke mean to you?'". Three answers will be picked and will each receive eShop prizes worth €20 / £20.

You can check out the official competition page for terms and conditions, and follow the contest's progress on the Miiverse community. Will any of you European singers be taking part?