Speed runner Siglemic has collected all of Super Mario 64's 120 Power Stars in one hour, 43 minutes and 54 seconds, setting a world record for the completion of the 120 Star run. The complete run can be seen on Siglemic's Twitch channel — the glorious proof for anyone who might question this blazingly fast time.

As per usual for the ever-meticulous speed runner, Siglemic outlined some of the ways he trimmed his time and customized the experience to his liking. For one thing, he played the game on a Nintendo 64 using the Japanese edition of Super Mario 64, which he says has a 2.7 second advantage in the introduction; he also made sure to note the increased dead zones of the analogue controls in the Wii Virtual Console version as his reason for not picking that iteration.

Siglemic puts his estimated total play time of Super Mario 64 at a whopping 5000 hours — how's that for extending a game's lifespan? As usual, it's amazing to see a dedicated player completely master a game they love. Unfortunately, don't expect to see a Super Mario Galaxy run from this particular speed runner any time soon; in his FAQ, he informs us what he thinks of Nintendo's best-selling Wii platformer: "I don't like it."

What do you think of this incredible speed run?