A Legendary piece for a legendary series

Fan-art is commonplace when it comes to anything with a large fanbase; Nintendo is certainly no exception. Thousands of people from all over the world are doing their absolute best to pay tribute to the gaming giant, whether it be to painstakingly hand draw a homage to all things Mario, or to whip up a quick sketch of Kirby in a science textbook. Poster printing pioneers, Mount Thunder, most certainly fit into the former category though with its hand crafted and professional gaming artwork.

Mount Thunder is - according to its blog - a god that hurls posters of greatness down upon the world to spread joy and happiness. In reality, of course, it's a group of gaming enthusiasts who happen to have the means and skills of make amazing posters near to hand. Don’t think these guys are just your average video game artists however, as every single poster is made by hand. No printers and easy short cuts here, just a team, materials and a lot of time and care.

Of course an artist is nothing without their art and the first poster that these guys have poured their hearts into is a project that they call: The Legend – an outstandingly detailed tribute to the Legend of Zelda series; it's pictured above. On the surface it looks very similar to the cover art of the Hyrule Historia – Zelda’s own encyclopaedia – but get closer and you could argue that this is even more refined, with nods to almost every Zelda icon and insignia. The design process was no mean feat either. As you would expect, drawing up a respectful homage like this takes a lot of drafting, but all the hard work seems to be worth it as the final product looks sleek and – well – Legendary.

As epic as these posters are they are limited edition due to the workload required to make them, but Mount Thunder has promised to make more works based around other gaming franchises. So what do you guys think? Do these posters make you want to snap them up? Has Mount Thunder got your attention? And what kind of tributes would you like to see these guys do next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[source mount-thunder.com]