Nes Remix 2 Metroid Mario

During an insightful exchange with IGN, NES Remix 1 & 2 Director Koichi Hayashida has explained how previous work with Super Mario 3D World, along with the power of Nintendo’s Wii U – and his own familiarity with the system's architecture – led to the development of the classic compilation remakes on the home console.

According to Hayashida-san, the Wii U offered Nintendo the power required to deliver the true “effect” it had envisioned of NES Remix since it was conceptualised.

“In order to accomplish what we wanted with NES Remix, and get the effect we wanted out of it and the value that we wanted it to have, we needed some more machine power,” he said.

I think the Wii U offered that up for us pretty easily, and it just would have been more difficult to do it for the's just that the Wii U had the machine power we were looking for in order for us to build the software we envisioned from the get go.

Bundling so many Nintendo classics in such a high-quality compilation, it perhaps comes as no surprise that maybe a little bit extra was needed. That said, considering some of the games we've seen that show the reasonable capabilities of the 3DS, perhaps familiarity with the system's architecture was the more prominent reason than raw power; the portable does seem to handle NES titles just fine on its Virtual Console, too.

While you wait for the release of NES Remix 2 later this week on the Wii U eShop, let us know in the comments if you would like to see the series make an appearance on 3DS.