Out Run 3 D

The 3D series of classics from Sega were, in the Nintendo Life office at least, among the highlights on the 3DS late last year. With a mix of arcade and Mega Drive / Genesis games getting the impressive remastering treatment from M2, it was pleasing that Sega had made the investment to localise that first run outside of Japan.

The second batch is already well underway in the company's homeland, however, and the latest confirmed title has made us borderline desperate for the second series of releases to be confirmed for the West. We previously reported that 3D OutRun had been announced, but now we have a release date and details on some of the title's enhancements. To start with the most important news, it arrives on the Japanese eShop on 23rd April for 762 yen (excluding tax).

Like previous '3D Classics' in this range, a number of neat enhancements have been made. These include:

  • The option to save at any point and resume later on
  • Circle Pad, D-pad or touch controls
  • A choice of the Japanese or 'Overseas' version, with different course placements between them
  • Multiple screen size settings, including a moving arcade cabinet style as seen in previous releases such as 3D Super Hang-On
  • A host of audio options, and two brand new songs composed by Manabu Namiki and Jane-Evelyn Nisperos

Plenty to look forward to. Short of making us all buy Japanese 3DS systems, we're left hoping for news of localisation from Sega. Would you be excited about playing this one?

[source archives.sega.jp]