While Sega had us distracted with the excellent 3D Fantasy Zone: Opa-Opa Brothers, it's gone and announced another classic that Sega fans have all been patiently waiting for — Outrun. This information is so minty-fresh that nothing else is currently known — not even an estimated release date — but we can at least play our current 3D Classics library safe in the knowledge that they're going to be joined — in Japan, at least — by one of arcade's true classics in the near future.

Of course, we're still awaiting news of when the current batch of 3D Classics arriving in Japan will make it West. The initial run certainly created a buzz among keen 3DS download fans, so we can only hope that sales were sufficient to ensure continued localisation of these titles.

For now all we can do is show you the Outrun logo and ask you to let us know how excited you are to hear Magical Sound Shower coming out of your 3DS in the future.


[source 4gamer.net]