Twitch Plays Pokémon playing Pokemon Crystal

Twitch Plays Pokémon has become an icon of the internet community and truly displays possibilities that arise when thousands of individuals work together to accomplish a goal. On Saturday, the group finished Pokémon Red, after sixteen straight days of training, sadness, and excitement. Now, with a massive army of followers, the series has begun a new adventure in the region of Johto.

Twitch Plays Pokémon began the stream of Pokémon Crystal early on Sunday at 7am EST (12pm GMT) and in a relatively short amount of time has made a good deal of progress. Eight hours after beginning the journey, the team has managed to beat Falkner, the Flying-type gym leader and obtain Johto’s first badge. At this point in the original stream, the stream had yet to obtain the first badge in the Kanto region.

However, all great things come at a cost. While the excitement of a new region, new Pokémon, and a new adventure await, some changes were added to the formula. The main change is in relation to the democracy and anarchy mode. Now, at the beginning of every hour, the stream will automatically enter democracy mode. In order to exit democracy mode and return to the standard anarchy mode, anarchy has to be the top voted command after thirty seconds. While many fans have shown dislike to this new formula, it will allow the group to move through challenging areas more easily and quickly, as a democracy will be enacted every hour. We're looking at you Pokémon Tower.

At this point in the early hours of the stream, how is the team shaping up? To begin, the stream selected the name AJDNNW for our trainer and kept the preset name Silver for the rival. The stream chose Totodile, the Water-type, as a starter Pokémon and so far, has captured a Pidgey, Sentret, and Caterpie. Right now, our current objective seems to conquer the Sprout Tower and prepare for the next gym battle against Whitney and her infamous Miltank.

Are you watching the antics of AJDNNW in Johto? In the case of this writer, I have been watching the stream continuously throughout the day. Let us know in the comments below.