Jet set!

JetGetters is — in the developer's own words — "a game about jumping out of jets, and landing on other jets". A unique team-based dogfighting title by indie studio tinyBuild, it has just hit Kickstarter and a Wii U eShop edition is one of the many console-based stretch goals on offer.

The concept is simple enough — two teams fly around in fighter jets trying to take each other out. The difference here is that at any time you can leap from your jet and free-fall — Skyward Sword-style — until another jet comes close. It's possible to grapple onto other jets (hence the Just Cause 2 comparison) and eject the current owner. Other team mates can be called to your aid should another jet not be nearby, and you can even surf on the back of a friendly jet and continue to attack enemies with your hand gun, or repair the jet in question. You can also hijack other airborne objects — such as missiles — and steer them towards your foes.

It sounds amazing, and you can see the game in action in the footage below. The Kickstarter goal is $50,000, and just over $12,000 has been pledged so far, with 24 days remaining. The confirmed platforms are PC, Mac and Linux, all via the Steam distribution system, but console stretch goals have been added. $75,000 gets the Xbox One version, while $85,000 is needed to fund the PS4 port. The Wii U is the biggest stretch goal at $95,000.

Is this something you'd be willing to support? Will you be helping JetGetters reach that Wii U stretch goal? Let us know with a comment.