Pinball and Pac-Man revivals

Following the trend of the past few weeks, another pair of Game Boy Advance titles — expected to arrive sometime soon on the Wii U Virtual Console — have been classified by Australian Classification Board.

The classifications have revealed Super Mario Ball (also known as Mario Pinball Land) and Pac-Man Collection are on their way to Nintendo’s Virtual Console library.

Super Mario Ball was developed by pinball expert Fuse Games (now known as Silverball Studios), published by Nintendo, and released in 2004. Pac-Man Collection was originally published by Namco with the development talents of Mass Media Games, and released in 2001. The digital iterations of these games will both be published under Nintendo and are rated G for General.

With the Game Boy Advance Virtual Console library continually expanding, what other games from this beloved handheld period would you like to see made available digitally?

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