Stick this in your cart slot

If you thought the best days of the Game Boy had been and gone, you’re probably right. Still, that hasn’t stopped retro-hacker and developer Furrtek Software Engineering (basically, a guy with a computer) from attempting to resurrect the gaming scene on what is arguably the most beloved Nintendo handheld of all time.

Presenting Airaki – a medieval-situation tile-matching puzzle game with some minor RPG elements thrown in for good measure, and a classic two-player mode on the side encouraging players to dust off their old Link Cables and challenge a nearby friend.

Airaki is a game delivered in a classic monochrome style on a Game Boy Color cartridge. This makes the title accessible to those who own the original Game Boy, the Pocket, Color (of course), Advance, Advance SP, Super Game Boy (No 2P mode), and Super Game Boy 2.

In terms of release, Furrtek is planning on manufacturing an additional 150 copies of Airaki, after an initial run of 20. The maker claims to have a solution to reach 200 carts, but the price of the game is expected to rise by about $2 or $3 due to cartridge components being hard to find in large amounts.

Game in monochrome mode

With the first packages scheduled to ship at the beginning of April, there are now three pre-order deals in place. The first is a single Airaki cartridge and one instructions card, kit two includes 2 of each item, and the final kit offers 2 carts, 2 instructions cards and a link cable.

Anyone interested in placing an order can investigate here. Of course, if you don’t really feel like digging out your old Game Boy, you can always just wait for the free ROM release via Furrtek’s Facebook page.

Airaki for Game Boy is Furrtek’s second Game Boy title. The first was Super Connard, which poked fun at certain gaming themes across 3 separate mini-games, and sold 80 units in 2013. Let us know in the comments if you’re interested in taking your Game Boy out of retirement for this one.